Posted by Maria on: September 30, 2014

Ah, naughty butt black girl, Mesha! Now this slut is one I’ll remember for a very long time! She likes fucking guys in front of the camera, and her cunt is so damn naughty, when she squeezes those muscles you think your cock is gonna explode!

Yeah, Mesha is definitely in the Black Creamy Pies club! Taking it hard and fast, that’s how this chocolate girl is getting pounded – and loving every minute of those deep furious strokes! She’s waiting on a delicious pussy filled creampie as she heats up your monitor screen! Drop by and watch exclusive content, browse the photo galleries and enjoy all we’ve got to offer! And don’t forgot to watch ebony cum girl Mesha as she begs for more and more!

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Posted by Maria on: September 28, 2014

Alanna Lee has a rack that she doesn't even bother trying to hide - she is proud of those titties, and she is going to wear shit that does absolutely nothing to hide them. Now that's my kind of whore. Mr. Marcus always likes the honeys that make sure to leave the eye candy out for him, and when he takes off his pants her eyes go wide. Even with all the black shaft she's pounded, she's never seen one as jumbo as his. She receives over her shock pretty damn fast to dive on it, first with her mouth, then her coochie.

Posted by Maria on: September 28, 2014

This thug has one naughty woman named Star with an exotic mixture that makes her look really naughty. And it apparently makes her naughty as wtf too, because she can't wait to suck his thick ebony cock up and down and drool all over it! She receives on her knees and does just that, fighting his cock shine as it swells up to capacity. Her fuckhole is throbbing and dripping, so his wang easily slides into it, as we see her innocent butt jiggle while he's taking her from behind. She receives on top and slowly takes his meatstick, giving that oversize anus a workout that's a feast for the eyes! He keeps banging her naughty vag until he blows his load inside of her vagina.

Posted by Maria on: September 25, 2014

Man this slut definitley put out some offort to get the creampie of the century. This tiny asian is so naughty it was hard not to fill her up. Her latest shoots are at


Posted by Maria on: September 24, 2014

Check out 20 yr old Jun with her beautiful dark-skinned body and BIG, dark-nippled titties. Sometimes I amaze even myself. How I can get an Asian slut this naughty to pound on camera is beyond my comprehension, but I never question it! Can you say Nom Yi? This slut is a fantasy cum true and I’ll tell you why. Halfway through my pound session with this amazing pound doll, she looks up from licking my dick and says “Wanna pound Me In My butt?” I was like, wtf yes I do! Turns out, this is the longest movie I have ever filmed with any model because it wasn’t planned, but I wasn’t going to let this Thai goddess slip away until I pounded all three of her holes before finally blasting the biggest load ever deep inside her cunt.

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Posted by Maria on: September 23, 2014

We are greeted by Stacie, a large black model with hefty boobs, who is obviously very naughty because she starts licking her nipples and playing with herself. Before long her lingerie comes off and she's bent over, giving us and ample view of her anus and rubbing her pussy and rump hole. Before long she's joined by a man who starts kissing her backside and licking her backside hole. He then oils her butt up before they switch into a sixty nine position. He then stops as she eagerly continues to suck on his long hard cock and tit bangs him as well. After a bit he sits on the couch and she starts riding him with her soaking juicy cunt.

Posted by Maria on: September 21, 2014

We are greeted by Stacie, a huge black slut with large titties, who is obviously very naughty because she starts licking her nipples and playing with herself. Before long her lingerie comes off and she's bent over, giving us and ample view of her anus and probing her slot and anus hole. Before long she's joined by a dude who starts kissing her booty and licking her rump hole. He then oils her backside up before they exchange into a sixty nine position. He then stops as she eagerly continues to suck on his long hard wang and boob fucks him as well. After a bit he sits on the couch and she starts riding him with her soaking juicy vagina.

Posted by Maria on: September 20, 2014

Now come on guys, does it get better than this? If it does, let me know and I’ll camera you doing it, and give you a guest spot on Creamed Cuties! Alexia told me she was down for anything, and I think this scene is truly hotttttt. I’ve never done this one before either, so this was a first for me too. I just love those gurgling sounds at the end as Alexia sucks all that sperm back out of Isis. She’s a greedy petite cum-loving whore, isn’t she? If I have my way, you’ll be seeing more of Alexia.

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Posted by Maria on: September 18, 2014

Big gallons of Sperm! That’s right, big gallons of sperm are what I dumped inside this amazingly beautiful Thai slut. Fon is a real cutie who likes to party hardy. She’s a GoGo dancer (aren’t they all?) at one of the top bars in Thailand. I was lucky enough to shoot a wad of my cum into her willing mouth over at, but this time I was going to make sure that she was inseminated to the brim. This Thai whore likes taking dick almost as much as licking it. She’s a submissive slut who just sticks her butt like a cat expecting you to do your duty, pump that booty and fill her pussy with man juice. I have a feeling this naughty cum girl will definitely be back for another helping of cum

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Posted by Maria on: September 17, 2014

Ms. Goddess is a starlet with a giant bootie, thin waist and mini perky boobs. Charlie Mac likes a oversize butt and is not afraid to take a handful of it as she bends over to show off her already sopping dripping vagina. This girl knows that his huge black manhood is something you will never find on a white dude, so she sucks his cock back, deep dick gargling and loving how his hard cock feels in the back of her mouth. This goddess lets her huge butt bounce around as she takes hard on his black dong, sliding up and down until his manhood is slathered in her juices.

Posted by Maria on: September 15, 2014

You've got to love a beautiful ebony whore with a large hard booty! Dude Brian Pumper can't believe his luck when blond haired dark starlet Cassidy Clay bends over in front of him. He wolf whistles while he reaches forward to appreciatively squeeze her round booty. This butt is perfection! The highlight of the movie is when the well hung dude is fucking her doggystyle, holding the camera POV style. He continues to squeeze her buttocks while he drills her, even slipping his thumb in to her backside hole. She tries to swat his hand away, but he keeps on probing her stinker while he inserts her naughty cunt. Finally he explodes on her mouth.

Posted by Maria on: September 14, 2014

Lung is the “perfect” Thai slut. She is an expert in Soi ’shortime’ and just likes to turn and burn. However, this time she receives more than she bargained for. Soi 6 was the destination for a fast afternoon pound fest, and Lung was the perfect whore for the job. Thankfully I had camera in hand because this Thai girl was too freaky not to capture on camera. A few minutes after introducing myself, Lung is already slobbering on my dick. American girls need to take a few lessons from Lung lol. After mouth fucking Lung and her silky mouth, it was time to penetrate that naughty Thai cunt. I pound her and dump a gallon of cum in her inviting snatch. I just hope she take a few minutes to clean my cum from her tiny inseminated cunt before the next dude shows up!

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Posted by Maria on: September 12, 2014


Desperate for an afternoon nut, I decided to scope out Soi 6 in North Pattaya. As expected, the street was fully stocked with bareback princesses and their thirst for satang (Thai change). Depending on what end of the street you enter on, you don’t have to walk far to be lured into a bar by a lovely slut. I was lusting for something tall and skinny and sure enough a slut named Chailai swiftly jetted out to direct me her way. Chailai was leggy with a excellent thin waist. I could sense she might be a condom-free whore so I was happy to help in her request to sit down for ‘one drink’. After a few minutes of the standard chit chat and bar slut questions, I asked if she wanted to make a fucking movie at my place for a few extra baht. It was bold, but she was beautiful and to my surprise, she agreed. Baan Creampie is my humble abode, and once inside, I asked Chailai to remove her naughty shorts, top, and thong. I then had her walk back and forth so I could ogle at just how skinny she was. As many of you know, I love fucking slim chicks. Inside the members, you’ll view screen caps 45, 52, and 59, where I pounded her scrawny frame in my favorite positions. You can’t do that with every slut, but Chailai took my dick pounding like a champ. When I was ready to blow, I took Chailai to the bedroom and dumped my gooey gunk directly inside her petite Asian pussy.

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Posted by Maria on: September 11, 2014

Ebony on ebony porn appeals to me way more than interracial at times, and now is one of those times. Parke Allen is working herself up and down the stripper pole, showing off her sweet booty and rubbing it with one hand. She works up and down that pole, wearing super high heels and throwing off her bra in about 10 seconds flat. Tyler Knight likes this private strip show, but he requires to take it to the next level. He pulls her down on his dong and she starts going xxx over it, with the best part coming when she is jiggling up and down on top of him.

Posted by Maria on: September 09, 2014

Samone Taylor is a new mouth for me in ebony porn, but it's not her mouth I'm looking at. This Nubian goddess happens to have one of the hottest pairs of natural ebony boobs that I think I have ever seen - I mean these are just giant. Then she turns around and I get sprung all over again. It should be too naughty to have an booty that fine, let me tell you. Tyler Knight is all over this dark diva, jiggling her up and down on his dong. When he thrusts, everything starts bouncing on her - backside and titties at the same time.

Posted by Maria on: September 09, 2014

You’ll want to get some take out with these oriental cum sluts! You’ll get to sample all of their different flavors and then deliver some of your own at Asian Creamy Pies!

Fill all of their naughty juicy holes with creamy filling and hope that it’s enough to satisfy the cravings of these asian whores! Enjoy watching the short movie clip below, and make sure your cock is thick, hard and filled with cream before stopping in for your cum filled fortune cookie!

At Asian Creamy Pies you’ll get only first class entertainment in your full length asian porn videos and awesome photo galleries! These geisha chicks will drain you dry, and you’ll find you won’t get enough of naughty oriental sluts!

Come on over and enjoy filling the holes at Asian Creamy Pies!

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Posted by Maria on: September 06, 2014

19 year old Kik has the mouth I adore. It’s lovely, precious, and square. There’s a nickname for chicks who have the same type of mouth. We call them ‘Suzy kats’. They usually come from Nakhon Ratchasima and they’re usually stubborn just like the felines they resemble. Kik however was very pleasant especially when she purred as she licked and sucked my dick. Her high pitched yelps were even more pleasing as I pounded her Suzy kunt in multiple positions. Thank goodness her cunt has nine lives because I gave her box a pretty good banging. But in the end I’m a excellent dude and I gave the petite Suzy her cream!

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Posted by Maria on: September 06, 2014

You don't see too many black girls in rough fucking, so it is always a treat to watch a scene about it. Madison Luv is sitting there with her hands bound behind her back with cuffs, and a naughty ebony outfit not hiding much, especially not her big dark backside. Brian Pumper takes advantage of this, pulling out a crop and slamming the tip against her thick backside. Madison receives off on this shit so bad that she requires him to do more. He ends up banging the wtf out of her in three different positions before he and she are finally satisfied.

Posted by Maria on: September 04, 2014

Damn - this ebony slut really knows how to suck a weiner! naughty ebony babe Destiny Dane begins the movie by having her beautiful ebony butt covered in Lola oil by stud Jon Jon. Once her butt is glistening nicely, she goes down on her stud, whose shaft is now very hard. She has got fantastic, thick cocksucking lips that grip perfectly around her dude's meatstick, and he groans while she deepthroats. Then she receives on top, flicking her giant boobs in Jon Jon's mouth while she grinds on his wang. The camera zooms in and you can see every inch of the glistening ebony penis sliding in and out of her juicy cooche. Jon Jon can't help creampie in her firm minge.

Posted by Maria on: September 02, 2014

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Simona is this white girl we picked up on our last visit to Europe. Out looking for a good time, a slut to take back to the hotel, we met her at some club and it didn’t take much, but she came back to the hotel with us. Now here’s the kind of horny white butt slut I’m in love with! A girl who loves getting her butt pounded with big black dicks! Simona took one look at my stiff dick and begged me to make her a member of the Cum Filled Butts club!

Come on over to Cum Filled Butts and check out more freaky butt fucking chicks like Euro babe, Simona! You’ll love watching all of these chicks getting an butt filled with naughty white thick cream! Check out our exclusive anal creampie porn videos and then sit back and page through all of the chicks photo galleries! You’ll find all of your favorite chicks getting poked in their rose holes here at Cum Filled Butts!

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….so petite time! At Asian Creamy Pies, there’s just so much oriental cunt around, you’ll have your hands full – your cock too – trying to decide which geisha slut to pound! That’s the idea, right? Who wouldn’t want to fantasize about giving a gooey surprise to one of these delicious Far Eastern chicks?

It’s always about the creamy pie filling – and when you’ve got so many oriental chicks who love to pound – you’re bound to leave them all a petite sample of warm goodness – wtf, why not? Just make sure you’ve got enough to go around – because these asian sluts are naughty!

Posted by Maria on: August 31, 2014

We are greeted by Stacie, a large dark tramp with large titties, who is obviously very naughty because she starts licking her nipples and playing with herself. Before long her thong comes off and she's bent over, giving us and ample view of her butt and flicking her cooche and butt hole. Before long she's joined by a dude who starts kissing her butt and licking her anus hole. He then oils her anus up before they exchange into a sixty nine position. He then stops as she eagerly continues to suck on his long hard penis and tit fucks him as well. After a bit he sits on the couch and she starts riding him with her soaking dripping vagina.

Posted by Maria on: August 29, 2014

Diamond Star is one of those dark sweeties that is all sass and anus - they might be loud, but they back up what they say and they don't back down for a damn thing. She starts off by kissing and licking at each other, and Dwayne Cummings reaches in for her titties. She pushes back against his jumbo cock, and her nipples are getting harder and harder by the second. Her rump receives oiled down and then pointed back at the camera - so you can see that sweet beaver working up and down a long weiner that I'm surprised fits in that cunt of hers.

Posted by Maria on: August 27, 2014

It took me a few seconds to realize I wanted another piece of this prime Thai butt and motioned over to the mamasan. Barfine paid and off to the short time room for round # 2! This time I really tried to hold back as long as I could, but something about this slut’s naughty cunt and I just have to unload. But somehow I don’t think any of you could last much longer in this 22yr old Thai cunt.

Her big titties, naughty cunt and pretty mouth, I know you love them! Come see it all!

Posted by Maria on: August 26, 2014

This is 18 year old NIM and one amazing sauna experience. Here’s how it went down: Nim sits across from me in ONLY a juicy towel rubbing cream all over her body. Towel keeps slipping off and I’m getting views of titties, nipples, and bald beaver shots. She smiles and leaves. 10 minutes later, I’m outside, she goes back inside and motions me to follow. I sit next to her and start rubbing her hairless pussy pinching her nipples, rubbing her juicy body. It’s naughty…wicked naughty…and not because we’re in a sauna….! She then asks if I want a massage. I ask if she wants a creampie. We go downstairs to a room, and I creampie her tender teenie vag on camera! The End!

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